Considering an Industrial LED retrofit project in Hamilton?

Hamilton is known as an industrial city with a large number of factories, warehouses and commercial buildings. Many of these buildings are still outfitted with older types of lighting such as incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. It may seem like a good business decision to leave these existing lighting solutions in place, but they are basically the same as throwing extra money down the drain in terms of additional energy costs each and every month.

What if there was a relatively easy way to make your building much more energy efficient while also increasing the property value? What if this could be accomplished with a very cost-effective solution that could pay for itself in a matter of months? These things seem like they may be difficult to accomplish but they are well within reach with an industrial LED retrofit project. It can be very surprising just how easily it can be accomplished and how affordable it can be. The savings that can be realized by switching to LED lighting provide substantial immediate savings and long-term savings that will pay for the project many times over its lifespan.

What Potential Savings can be Realized with an Industrial LED Retrofit Project?
What Potential Savings can be Realized with an Industrial LED Retrofit Project?

In order to understand just how much energy and money can be save by switching to an LED lighting solution, it is necessary to have a lighting assessment conducted on the current lighting setup. A lighting assessment will take into account your existing light usage patterns and the exact hydro rate from past bills. These numbers can then be used to provide a clear picture of the capital costs associated with upgrading as well as what savings are to be expected on a monthly and annual basis after the lighting has been successfully replaced. The top lighting solution companies offer complementary professional lighting audits making it even easier to see how these solutions can benefit your business.

In addition to saving money in monthly energy bills, retrofitting a commercial building with LED lighting will increase the Net Operating Income for the building. Increasing the Net Operating Income is an excellent way to significantly improve the property value for the building and make it more attractive to potential buyers or investors.

Available government rebates further offset the capital costs associated with these types of upgrade projects. In many cases, the capital costs of an LED retrofit project can be offset by up to 50% using the rebates available from the Save On Energy program in Ontario.

A Complete LED Lighting Retrofit Solution
A Complete LED Lighting Retrofit Solution

If you are considering an LED retrofit solution, it is important to factor in the convenience and peace of mind offered by reputable companies such as InLight Solutions. Serving the entire GTA, InLight Solutions provides complete turnkey LED lighting retrofit solutions for customers that cover everything from the initial lighting assessment to executing a tailor-made lighting upgrade project from concept to completion. They will even take the time to ensure all rebate paperwork is successfully submitted to the appropriate resources for reimbursement.

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